A downloadable asset pack

Bowling Ball and Pins

The blender file contains three scenes: bowling (normal setup), Smash (a hand-set ball smashing pins scene) and Physics (a simulation.  Hit the Play button on the timeline to play the simulation.  The render
file is frame 11 of this simulation.)

In addition are FBX files of a pin (low and high poly) and ball, for importing into Unity or Unreal Engine 4 or another game engine.

A Collada file (should!) allow importing into another 3D modelling program.

Ball has 416 triangles and is 8.4" in diameter (21.3cm).  The physics simulation weight is 13 lbs (5.9kg).

High poly pin has 7232 triangles.  Low poly pin has 1594 triangles.
Pin is 15" high (38.1cm).  The physics simulation weight is 3.38lb (1.53kg).

Install instructions

Blender 2.8, or a 3d modeling program that imports Collada, or a game engine that imports FBX (e.g. unity or unreal engine 4) required.


Bowling.zip 28 MB

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