Objective: use the paddle to bounce the ball to knock all the blocks away, but do not let the ball fall  below the paddle!


  • Launch ball and start level: left mouse click
  • Nudge ball faster (when ball touches paddle): left mouse click
  • Move paddle: move mouse left and right (mouse cursor should be within game window)

Alpha version: the following features have not yet been implemented:

  • currently, only one life.
  • No attract mode: no high scores, demo, instructions screens
  • lots of special balls/bricks not completed
  • Sounds and sprites are basic, as is the background and UI
  • 32 levels so far
  • No game pause or game save yet
  • released as web version only: web cannot capture mouse
  • Play testing still in progress


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Nicely done, I like this post-apocaliptic style you went for.