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Mission Arcade

  • Your mission: clear the comet field.  Thrust the ship forward, backward, or to its left or right (WASD or gamepad left stick).  Use gyros to rotate it (left-right arrows or gamepad right stick horizontal), and fire missiles at the comets (space bar or gamepad right trigger).
  • Your mission: stop the intrusion force.  Thrust the ship left and right (A,  D or gamepad left stick) and fire missiles at the ships (space bar or gamepad right trigger).   Keep moving!  Intruders will fire back!
  • Your mission: break the blocks.  Use the paddle (A, D or gamepad left stick) to keep the ball going and break all the blocks.  Score bonus points by hitting several blocks in quick succession.  Don't let the ball go past the paddle!
  • Your mission: land safely without running out of fuel.  Thrust with WASD or gamepad left stick.  Try for a soft landing against gravity on one of the landing pads.  Tougher landing pads give you more points!
  • Your mission: win the race!  Thrust with WASD or gamepad left stick.  Don't hit other ships.  Don't get left behind!  Earn points and make progress by passing ships (re-passing a ship that had passed you doesn't count).  You have to think ahead!

Play five mission types in one game.  Each level introduces either a new mission or a higher difficulty level for a previous mission.  Three lives, but get new lives by scoring enough points.  Beat your previous high score! 

Install instructions

Unzip somewhere and run the Mission Arcade.exe file.


MissionArcade_x86_64.zip 483 MB

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