Mission Arcade

A work in progress, pre-alpha.

Use gamepad left stick to move, right stick to turn (some levels), and right trigger to fire.  "A" button to start game.  Tested on Windows with Xbox 360 controller.

Or use keyboard, WASD to move, (some levels have no vertical W or S movement)  left/right arrows to turn (some levels), space bar to fire.  Click the Start Game button  to start game, or "Enter".

Only two missions so far:

1. clear the cometary field by blasting comets into smaller comets and eventually into nothing.  

2. Stop the intruders:  a wave of attacking intruders, each one gunning for you.  Shoot them all.

//TODO Better enemy ships for intrusion levels
//TODO UFO for comet and intrusion levels
//TODO Checkpoint
//TODO Mission of Gravity Levels
//TODO Block Breaking Levels
//TODO ability to pause game

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